Goodbye Internet Explorer, thank you for 27 years of serving

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Internet Explorer is finally "retired" after 27 years of serving. So, which browser is going to take IE's place.

1. Microsoft officially shut down Internet Explorer

On June 15th Microsoft finally announced that Internet Explorer browser (IE 11) has been officially "retired". Leaving behind 27 years of supporting everyone on the Internet. Now, IE will no longer be upgraded or released patches and IE’s users won’t be supported anymore.

Goodbye Internet Explorer

(RIP Internet Explorer)

The discontinued development of IE 11 was announced by Microsoft in 2021. Along with the closing of IE version 8, 9 and 10. So, Microsoft has suggested everyone to switch to their new browser – Edge. Moreover, they have made Edge the default browser from Window 10.

But it’s hard to find that IE literally “retired”. ‘Cause IE used to be familiar to each of us, especially generations of 1900s and 2000s. When the whole Internet was still in its infancy. IE at that time, was like a portal leading us to access all the interesting things on network. So, with many people, IE was synonymous with the entire Internet for a long time.

Even so, Microsoft's product itself cannot keep up with the evolving of technology. IE has long been considered sluggish, low processing and outdated compared to other competitors. That drived IE's market share since 2008 has gradually lost to other "juniors" browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. As of June 2022, IE only owns 0.28% of the global browser market share. Leads to the complete death decision from Microsoft.


2. Edge will completely replace Internet Explorer

From the Windows 10 onwards, Edge is automatically installed as the default browser.

Appearing since 2015, Edge has been continuously developed by Microsoft. Many feedbacks have showed the positivity with this change. Because Edge not only removed the limitations inherent on Internet Explorer, but also improved the interface and becoming more friendly to Windows users.

Therefore, this browser has gained a solid foothold in the hearts of Windows fans and is currently ranked 3rd in popularity globally.

Edge browser

(Edge is doing a great job)

It must be noted that Edge is not an upgrade from Internet Explorer or similar to the renaming from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. The Edge browser is a completely different product, with a core written in Chromium and the way it works is not the same as IE too. So we cannot perform actions like syncing data or backing up search history from the old browser to the new browser.

And after this time (June 15th), we can still use IE as usual. But Microsoft will no longer make any move to support this browser, as they have focused entirely on development for Edge. So, gradually switch to using Edge or other browsers if your computer is using Internet Explorer as the main browser.


3. What everyone thinks about Internet Explorer

Although Edge's complete replacement for Internet Explorer is a good sign, not all of us is pleased with this situation. In fact, people who regularly use IE or consider IE as their main browser are not too comfortable with the change.

According to topics on Reddit and Quora, many people think that they "don’t feel safe" when using a new browser or IE is "too familiar" so they don’t want to change their usage habits.

Not only individual users, even businesses are also facing troubles when a large number of their employees are too dependent on Internet Explorer. Even worse, many business websites are only compatible with this "retired" browser.

According to a survey by IT Keyman Net, a manpower supply company in Japan, 49% of respondents said that they are still using IE as their main browser. This includes people who works in financial institutions, manufacturing or even government agencies. Leading to the situation that businesses in Japan are extremely troubled because they have relied too much on Internet Explorer.

Many people are using computers

(Many people are still using IE as their main browser)

But in the opposite, somes who work in IT field are so pleased to hear that IE finally “step out” from their life. The reason is simple: they don't need to support customers on this browser again. Less troubles, less works. In addition, technology has moved forward in recent years, so they are no longer interested in an old browser with oudated technology like IE anymore.

So what do the rest of the world, general users think about IE?

Well, it’s not simple as the way we split them into “good” and “bad” feelings. ‘Cause, even thogh IE was a “trouble maker” but that because it was too old to catch the evolving of Internet. And IE was like a symbol of Internet to most of us. So, instead of blaming IE, people see it as “an unmistakable feature” and accept it.

Thus, IE has become a favorite name for people to create funny memes about the "sluggishness" of this browser. Of course, the memes do not have a negative connotation, but create funny moments.

So instead of criticizing, everyone decided to humorously pay tribute to IE. Here are some interesting images that Chips found:

Internet Explorer joke 1

(Still not responding even “dead”)

Internet Explorer joke 2

(Correct! IE)