How to enable IE mode on edge?

Blog 38
A quick instruction about enabling IE mode on Edge for those who still missing Internet Explorer.

1. Enable IE mode on Edge

The most recent versions of Edge all have built-in Internet Explorer mode. Despite the main screen does not display this function, you only need to set it in the "Settings" menu to be able to use it.

Then, please follow these instructions below:


Step 1: Open Edge and choose “Settings and more” (kebab menu on the top-right corner)


Step 2: Click “Settings”


Step 3: You’ll be switched to Setting panel of Edge. Look for the left, choose “Default Browser”


Step 4: Then to the right, in “Internet Explorer mode compatibility” change the “Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge” from Never to Always.


Step 5Look down for “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode” and change Default to Allow.


Step 6: After choosing Allow, Edge will show you the “Restart” button. Now you just need to press this button to restart the browser, and Internet Explorer mode is already working on your Edge. You can use this mode manually or automatically for the websites you visit.


2. Turn on or off IE mode on Edge

After successfully activating Internet Explorer mode on Edge, you will see this function appear in the "Settings and more".


If you select this function, the web page you are browsing will reload in Internet Explorer mode. At the same time, the typical IE icon will also "revive" in the address bar. All the web pages belonging to the same domain of this website will also load in Internet Explorer mode.


If you ever want to go back to the default Edge mode, just go back to “Settings and more” and select “Exit Internet Explorer mode”; or simply close the opening tab.